miercuri, 15 iunie 2011 | By: ioana97

My first giveaway!

Today I start my first giveaway! Yay!!!*dancing*
Why? Because my school it's over, it's my BFF birthday and because I fell generous.
And maybe you are asking why this post is in english(you know, this is a RO blog...so Ro language), but you'll see.
So, this giveaway is International(yes, you read correctly).
And what I'm giving:

An e-book copy of Betrayal by Mayandre Michel

What you have to do:
1. Be a GFC follower of this blog
2. Post a comment at this post with your name and a way
to contact you (preferably an e-mail)
No extra entries, sorry.

This giveaway will and in 15 July so you have a month to entry.
The winner will be chose with random.org

9 comentarii:

Anonim spunea...

ce faina e cartea :X:X:X:X:X
GFC-Ioana Lacatusu

Anonim spunea...

s-a terminat concursul nu? :(
acum am vazut :(

ioana97 spunea...

Nu, nu s-a terminat concursul :D

Anonim spunea...

a ok :D :X::X:XX:X

Only Books spunea...

GFC: Only books
e-mail: cristina.cris9718@yahoo.com

Multumim pentru giveaway si mult succes participantilor!:*

Ice Falling spunea...

e-mail : ijs.vallen@yahoo.com

Irina spunea...

super cartea
e-mail: pana.irinamaria@yahoo.com

TheJay2xA spunea...

Thanks for the giveaway! New follower!

fallendream03 AT gmail DOT com

Denise Z spunea...

I am a new follower and found you over on Pure Imagination. Thanks you for the wonderful giveaway opportunity and congratulations on your first. They are great fun to follow and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say.


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