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Monday discussion: Pottermore

So, because I want to progress with my blog I say that I have to make it more interesting and I thought, thought...and no idea came. But now, I think I'd like to have some discussions on the blog, about books of course.
First, I have a question: Do you think this is a good idea?

And this week discussion is:

Everyone is talking about Pottermore these days so, I want to know:
What do you think about Pottermore?

I have to say that I'm not very excited about this... I don't know why, but Iwant something more..interesting(I think) and this site is just like others. There are so many sites where you can talk about books in the Harry Potter series, so... Maybe that will be great, amazing or how you want to say, but still then, I'm reserved.
I hope I'm wrong when I say this isn't so interesting.

P.S. I found here an amazing giveaway from Jennifer L. Armentrout

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